Sounds of Forest Hill (a community playlist)


Someone told me way back when in March soon after opening that the drum and bass record label Hospital Records is around here somewhere? I’ve looked it up on Google and the address is Dartmouth Road. Is this an old address or do they reside in the area?


One of my favourites and a local connection


In a shop called Clapton Craft, Surely some Eric is called for ?


Absolutely top tune.


Yup, they are on D Rd & some of the staff come into my shop.

I also know someone that knows the owner, so let me know if you want me to ask for a direct contact.

This young mans producer’s studio is on Havelock Walk, so you might want to include him too :+1:

You might want to add this one too, my bestie Donald is the smallest guy that played Snake Eyes in the original Bugsy Malone film - he’s also works on some community events with me :slight_smile:

I’ll post more soon :raised_hands:


Not sure about Hospital Records, but Tone Def Records, one of the first drum and bass labels was launched on Perry Vale, and subsequently moved to Honor Oak Park.


Further to @Michael 's mention of the Forest Hill Billies - here are a couple of additional links (amongst many on Youtube):

I am a Munsters fan !!

Try and pick out the faces. It is my understanding that some of the band still live and drink locally.


From the Keston Cobblers Club, a track called Forest Hill, about living in Forest Hill. I think that counts as local.


Four Femmes on The Thames is a must!

All ladies are local.


My Bias local Forest Hill band Shoutout would definitely go to Nou Enle (new enlay)

This vid may of been filmed near the sea. But you’ll be able to identify some local venues on their channel.

Album is on iTunes if you’re liking these Forest Hill Folksters groove.

Enjoy! :dancer:



Maybe not pinpoint accurate with regards to Forest Hill, but Kate Bush certainly lived nearby…

As did Gabrielle…

and the lovely Poly Styrene of course… RIP


Jack Stafford (AKA Jak Airport) from X Ray Specs went to school with and was close friends with Japan who used to rehearse at Mick Karn’s house in Elsinore Road.


Can I suggest anything by Commotion Upstairs? A local band from the 80’s who I saw play at the Greyhound and The Railway on a number of occasions…

The lead singer (and fellow Sedgehill School alumni) Ben still lives locally and has been occasionally spotted!

Hope this link to a world of jangly guitar pop works… Happy 2018