Source EV charging points coming to Mayow Road [now open]

These charging spots have been installed these for some time, but they look almost ready, 2 spaces at the Perry Vale end of Mayow Road:

Also on their website, pricing zone 3:

Source is nice as it claims to use 100% green energy too.

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I cropped this from the Source London website - the free icons represent existing stations (the number shows how many points there are available) and the yellow icons are the ‘coming soon’ stations.

It is good to have additional options, but these chargers are relatively slow and are priced by the minute rather than by the amount of energy used. Also, those new EV parking spaces shown may be filled by Blue City rental cars (see the Sainburys’ car park charger site:

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I just had reason to check the current four local EV charging point at Sainsbury’s’ car park. There are still three Blue City rental cars charging there which have been there for two weeks, one week and three days. All longer than any other car in the Council car park.