Sourdough starter


Often with tv chefs they tell you to ‘pop into your local bakery and ask for a lump of sourdough starter’, as it saves the two week long process of making your own. Does anybody know of any FH businesses that I could maybe buy a bit of starter from?

you can have some from me if you like. It was originally from a well known, but now shut down, bakery.


I must see if mine can be reactivated - originally it was from San Francisco (apparently)


Oh wow that would be amazing! Thanks so much. Let me know whenever you’re free :slight_smile:

DM’d you

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I would like some too, please! But possibly in 2-3 weeks, if that’s ok, as only moving (back) into the neighbourhood then…

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Have some too if someone wants some. I bake each week. Here is how it turns out


Bake off!!


Care to share your technique\recipes?
I’m not happy with how mine turn out…

I struggled for ages until I found this video. There is so much well meaning rubbish on the internet. Do what this guy says you will be ok. I have found that you need to be very precise with your quantities of water/flour. The smallest deviation makes a big difference.


Beige they look amazing.


This is how I make it:

Starter is 1 part plain flour to 1 part water. When I feed it I use 100g starter, 200g flour, 200g water and leave covered at room temp for about 12 hours Usually when I feed it I keep some and make bread with some. For my usual 2 loaves I do:

To make the levain:
126g strong white bread flour (I use Matthews Cotswold or Doves Farm)
6g wholemeal flour
134g water
54g of just fed starter
Mix, leave 12 hours

To make the bread:
772g strong white bread flour, 500g room temp water, 20g table salt, all the levain made previously
Mix it all up until well incorporated in the bowl. Leave 45 mins, fold all sides of dough inwards, Leave 45 mins, fold all sides of dough inwards, Leave 45 mins, turn out onto floured surface, cut in half, gently flatten dough then shape into ball, cover with bowl, leave 20 mins, flip dough ball, gently flatten dough then shape into ball, place in well floured banneton, cover and place in fridge for 12 hours.

Preheat oven and dutch oven too 250C. Allow dough half an hour our of the fridge. Drop dough into dutch oven (I never mastered this - I flip the banneton onto greaseproof paper and lower that into the dutch oven and leave it - I failed at dropping it centrally a couple of times and wasn’t enjoying practicing/failing with something which took me so long to make). Cut slit in top of dough, cook for 20 mins covered + 15 mins uncovered.

I have experimented with shorter / fewer of the wait+fold intervals without noticeable change in the final product. I have also experimented with using 30% wholemeal flour. This seems fine, but it’s just not as nice and I recently chose to be influenced by something i read on the internet about how the starter eats a lot of the simple carbs and therefore sourdough whtite bread is more of a ‘complex carb’ food than standard white bread.


Cheers @Beige and @Thewrongtrousers
I’ll get the old starter out and see if I can reactivate it…

Just curious, how has it been stored?

Probably too long - 5 months at a guess - in the fridge

I think it might be alright. I’m sure I left mine for over 3 months once.

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Beige, the dutch oven is a new on on me. How do you find it compares to just bunging it in the regular oven on max heat which is what I do ?

I have never tried just using the oven, so I couldn’t say. I just followed the instructions I was given and they turned out well from the beginning - I have worked out how to save some effort, but not any improvements.

could you show me a picture of your dutch oven, when you have a moment ?

I have 2, both Sainsburys brand casserole dishes - I got them a few years ago on sale - they were really cheap (£10 or £15?). As the photos show using them for this purpose is pretty tough on their looks.

I think this video’s method is similar to the one I use. He makes putting the loaf into the pot look easy at 3:00 .

All this thinking about bread has inspired me to buy a new book " Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza"