South London Press Archives

Hi there

I’m after some old copies of the South London Press circa 1970’s concerning my father other than the Southwark archives which is currently closed are they available online anywhere.

Have searched the British Newspaper Archive page but can only find a voting page for the paper

Any help much appreciated thanks

The British Newspaper Archive isn’t complete - they’re still working on adding a lot of local papers to it. I think you’ll have to wait until one of the local borough archives opens up to get the South London Press. Lambeth and Wandsworth have it on microfilm as well as Southwark, but I’ve not come across anywhere that has it online.


It was such a shame when the newspaper library at Colindale closed. I loved that place. It was never a quick visit, as you’d go in looking for one story and end up distracted by something fascinating on another page.

I can remember one occasion going in to look at for a particular event involving S.F. Cody and on another page was a large opinion piece under the headline “Has Science left us any safe foods to eat?” It was timely because just that week there was one of those periodic panics on where scientists were warning us not to eat some food or other and here was practically the self-same story, written almost a century earlier.

The trouble with an online search is, you might find your story (always supposing it’s been indexed by the transcriber properly - rolls eyes) but you lose the context.

@GedDerby1 was what you’re looking for a particular event or story that might have been picked up elsewhere? Have you done a shout out on fora such as Roots Chat or local history groups?