Southern Rail Online Q&A TODAY (20th September) 2-4pm

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They will regret this


Did anyone try logging into this? I signed up & tried but couldn’t see it anywhere on their site

I had the same experience. There are probably some jokes to be made about their inability to organise something as simple as a Q&A, but really it’s not funny.

The “live chat” appeared to actually just be them logging in and answering questions on the old forum Southern run. Not exactly interactive or particularly informative.

Interesting to see a question from a “Michael” about Sydenham services:

Sadly no answer, though.

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First journey on Southern today in over two months. Delayed. Ironic.

Yes, me again.
I got a useful if negative response regarding late night train service.
No reponse that I’m aware of on this question.
And provided what i hope will be useful feedback on the new concourse at London Bridge.