Southern Rail



Why are they so bad and why do we put up with them.


A controversial opinion, I know, but I don’t find them all that bad. I should add that I get an early train into London Bridge and return home before rush hour kicks in, so the trains are usually OK, on time and I always get a seat. I remember Connex, now they were crap. I guess I have always judged Southern in line with their truly awful predecessors. Having said all that, I’m sure that if I was forced to do the rush hour day in day out I would not be praising Southern (I base this on friends who are always moaning about them).


Having posted that, I checked live updates; my train is delayed. Bloody Southern etc etc :grinning:


I posted that last night after a few beers in Borough. Had to wait 45 minutes for a train and was told at one stage they had all been cancelled so we had to make our own way home as there were no more. There was almost a riot at LB. This strike and ‘sickness’ is getting on my nerves. Next time is see one of the illustrious union leaders going into Burger and Lobster in Farringdon I shall boo them.


Talk to the staff on the platforms at LB, they have no sympathy for drivers or conductors.


It is a complex subject and none of the parties involved come out of it well IMO:


@Brett I agree, really poor from both sides and us caught in the middle.


@Joey_H, as much as I personally disagree with transport union action I’m really pleased we have the benefit of your insight here in the forum. Keep up the good posts!




I would Jubilee to the Overground if I were you. Canada Water platform was busy but surprisingly I managed to get a seat on the train and it’s running at a decent pace.


I am on a train. Pass the party :tada:


Well here we all are again. Cancelled trains because it rained. It will no doubt cascade on and on.


A nice reposte to today’s emergency timetable announcement;


Revised timetables out , nice to see my morning rush hour train has been cancelled, 07:59 from Norwood Junction that leaves from Forest Hill at 8:09, should be fun a bit of overcrowding going on round that time, even more so when a train is cancelled!


Grrr… that’s my normal commute train as well. Mind you, it normally seems to be the first sacrifice to the delay gods the second another other than a perfect day is encountered. Since the 08:22 normally gets stuck outside London Bridge more often than not I had better warm my boss up to my new Southern inspired working pattern … ie, i’ll mainly be arriving late :pensive:(


I have to say it is pushing me towards buying a bike. They really are useless as a train company.



Southern Rail to replace timetable with avant garde poetry. When you’ve become the subject of Daily Mash satire things really are bad.


I saw this the other day and had a chuckle. Then remembered I had to use the “service”. Sad, just bloody sad.


On the whole we’re relatively lucky compared to our neighbours who use East Dulwich where peak services will be ONE PER HOUR from Monday.