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As I sit here at my “home office” I do feel for those having to use Southern today. I wonder if the unions would have a “Meet the Unions” day at London Bridge like Southern do every 3 months or so? Now that would be interesting.


IMHO for us FH users it was pretty much too much of nothing. As I was leaving the house today I mentioned to my other half that I was heading for Catford Bridge and the Southeastern services. He noted FH is pretty much unaffected by this strike. I looked up the FH departures on the National Rail app and saw that was pretty much the case.

No delay to my journey today.

Still sucks for the Southern Rail suburban commuters.


It’s the uncertainty that got to me in the end. Working from home is now stress free and a heck of a lot cheaper.


LOL. If I had the choice of working predominately from home I would. As it stands I usually WFH one day a week and that is only allowed reluctantly by my employer.


I am fortunate as being my own boss I can choose where to work (and my work subject means I can also work remotely). There are many others who cant and I do feel for them.


@Cazimo Bar one or two peak trains, Southern services from our stations have been largely unaffected during the RMT conductors strike.

Spare a thought for our neighbours in East Dulwich who only had ONE train per hour during the peak until Monday when their services were added back to the timetable.


What I dont get is that the strike is the RMT saying not having a conductor is dangerous but the FH train doesnt have one. Double standards.


It’s interesting you mention that - I was on the 17:52 about a fortnight ago and there were three Southern employees. one in a suit and two in uniform. the suited guy was teaching the two uniforms how to make announcements regarding stations the train goes to and when arriving at one.

I’ve now seen the same ‘announcer’ on 3 more occasions on rush-hour Southern trains. He seems to stand in the middle carriage. Seems utterly pointless as the driver always had this responsibility & is the one who knows when the train is going to pull in!


Interesting Press Release from Southern Railways today:

We welcome today’s announcement by the Department for Transport offering Delay Repay compensation for services delayed for more than 15 minutes -

The new Delay Repay scheme will be introduced in the next few months on all of our services - Southern, Great Northern, Thameslink and Gatwick Express.

The existing compensation threshold for delays starts at 30 minutes. Under the improved scheme customers will be able to claim 25% of the cost of the single fare for delays between 15 and 29 minutes. The existing Delay Repay thresholds will remain and are as follows:

• 50% of the single fare for delays of 30 to 59 minutes;
• 100% of the single fare for delays of 60 minutes or more;
• 100% of the return fare for delays of 2 hours or more.

When passengers are delayed, they deserve compensation and we strongly advise all our passengers to make a claim. This announcement will be good news for those with shorter journeys who think it is unfair they receive nothing for delays under 30 minutes. Now a decision has been made, we will work hard to implement this as quickly as possible.

The new Delay Repay 15 compensation scheme is another example of the changes being made to improve the services we offer our customers. Since 1 October we updated the way customers could receive their compensation, including electronic bank transfer (BACS) and PayPal. [/quote]


Interesting indeed. Unless I am missing something, doesn’t affect Overground though. However, makes sense that Southern (GTR) should blaze a trail on this.


Plus there is a scrolling checker which lets you know what stations are coming up and an automated announcement when pulling into a station. Jobs for the boys springs to mind.


I see the RMT is on strike over Christmas / New Year (so they can have an extended Christmas / New Year hols). There seems to be no resolution in sight. Next steps? Sack the lot (aka Reagans tactics re the US Air Controllers)? Or just take the strikes as the “new normal”. Of course we are lucky that most of our trains are Southern Metro and so are one man operation.


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Politics, @ChrisBeach!!!


Picked up from another forum, London Bridge to Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill is down to 2 trains an hour in the evening peak. I went onto Train Line for next Monday and Wednesday and the only services are 17:06, 17:37, 18:14, 18:36 (and the 18:14 is actually a change at New Cross Gate and get Overground).

There seems to be something really weird with the London Bridget to Victoria route. I typed in London Bridge to Victoria on Monday evening and there aren’t any trains! Trainline tells you to go Elephant Castle go to Blackfriars and get the tube to Victoria.

So it looks like London Bridge to Victoria is kaput which impacts us. Nothing obvious about this on the Southern Rail site. Unless it is part of the London Bridge redevelopment works?


London Bridget?! I love this… made me smile. (I am Irish and know lots of Bridgets/Bridies/Breeg etc)


That’s wonderful news as the 17:20 was my preferred service and the more reliable service 17:37 is often cancelled, which means the later train will probably be rammed if only 1 train is running in the hour, obviously we can get the overground but its a bit of a pain and once London Bridge is finished will no longer accept our Southern Season tickets and will have to pay for the privilege of their frequent cancellations. Will also make the Overground line busier than it already is around peak time.


Eh? My annual card is good for any train, bus, overground, underground service within London’s zones 1-3. Is this changing?


Mines a London terminals only ticket a lot cheaper than anual zone 1-3 travel card I only need to go as far as London bridge during the week for work


I can still see LB to Victoria trains on Trainline. A problem with your search maybe? I don’t know about Trainline, but the TfL planner is notorious for not showing routes from FH into London via London Bridge because Overground routes are a fraction quicker by their calculations. Sometimes I have to remove the ‘quickest’ filter from TfL to find the next train via London Bridge instead of the Overground.