Southern Rail


#67 shows the following LBG-FOH direct trains:
18.21 (I miss the 18.05 or whatever it was!)

And your 18.14 which, as you say, is a Change at NXG (edit: note that it doesn’t seem to appear at all as an option on the National Rail iPhone app)


I had wrongly amused that the London Bridge improvements would restore our pre-works service, but we have lost platforms 8&9 to through trains. That gap between 1752 and 1821 is a killer in the evening.

As nice as having the option of the Overground is, I prefer a seat which Southern affords me. It’s great being able to get to Charing Cross fairly quickly (and all above ground) again.


Its bit of a kick in the teeth considering the years of disruption we have had to our service, while they improve London Bridge so they can run more trains then reduce our peak service and we get a fare increase at then end the year for this reduced service…


Hmm. For tomorrow evening Nat Rail shows
17:06 direct, 17:18 (change at Norwood Jct), 17:37 direct, 17:46 (change at Norwood Jct), 18:14 (change at New Cross gate), 18:36 direct, 18:55 change at New Cross Gate), 19:06 direct

Train line just shows 17:06, 17:37, 18:14 (with change), 18:36.

Whether this means the Train Look Up sites are now unreliable (as well as Southern Rail) I’m not sure!


Tfl still shows the 17.20 from LB tomorrow. I think national rail is faulty.




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Any Annual season tickets no how you claim a months free travel to be paid as compensation for the poor service

I had to renew my annual season ticket today, and when I asked about it at the ticket office they didn’t know anything about it, and just gave me a leaflet to do it online but thats just for individual days.
All I can find on southern site is for claiming single strike days.



I believe that Southern are supposed to pro-activly contact you if they believe you are eligible;

Although there’s the intention to allow people who havn’t been contacted to also apply, they don’t seem to have the process ready just yet.


ok thanks think I better contact them, probably have some window to claim… they have my all my details incl email and been an annual season ticket holder for years but heard nothing and station staff no nothing about it. Can see me missing out if I’m not pro active :wink:


Just phoned Southern customer services.

They will be contacting season ticket holders if your eligible.

They had no details of me on their system for me, even though Forest hill station does where I having been renewing my season ticket for the past few years.
So they added me to there system and noted that I had phoned up regarding making a claim, strangely didn’t ask me for any tickets details just my name and address,
I would advise anyone to who reckons they are entitled to compensation to phone up.


I have an annual zone 1-3 on my Oyster. Would i qualify?


Not sure on oyster as that is TfL… on the southern site it just refers to season tickets. Which are rail only tickets. I have a feeling might not be elgible as your ticket covers a multidue of routes modes of transport and destinations, anywhere in zone 1-3… whereas mine is specific to national rail from forest hill to London terminals covered by southern. Best ring them.


I’m not sure about Oyster but I would definitely argue my case. Some proof of home and work address may help, I don’t know. Technically paper ticket vs. Oyster doesn’t make a difference in terms of who gets the farebox money as long as the paper ticket includes London zones and doesn’t say “London terminals” (in which case it would be a “full” Southern ticket).

As I understand it, Southern will contact Season Ticket holders in a first round and then offer out to people to apply who feel they have been missed, and I believe this should start very soon and will be possible until the end of March.


Congratulations to activists in the Association of British Commuters who have raised money to obtain legal advice pursuant to a Judicial Review of the Southern Rail fiasco and the Government’s handling of it.

I guess this has to be the way since clearly we have ineffective political representation and industry regulation.

"Crowd justice" against Southern Rail

Why settle for a month’s free travel? Someone has managed to get a 50% refund

“Claim was made under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, which holds credit card companies liable for provision of services”


The Telegraph is reporting that the Govt is considering taking direct control of southern!