Southern trains to London Bridge

Does anyone know where all the southern trains between London Bridge and Honor Oak are?? Sorry if I’ve missed discussion here, but finding it hard to find detail on this…… thanks!

There are some long threads on this topic. There have been no Southern Trains since before Christmas (they cut this line due to staff sickness etc). However, new time table is due from Monday 21/2 and that should reinstate the London Bridge / East Croydon trains and London Victoria in the rush hour. Fingers crossed.

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The official line from Southern is as follows:-
“GTR says a reduced timetable will help ensure a more reliable service and fewer last-minute cancellations.”

Technically no service means 100% reliability and zero cancellations


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I can remember many years ago there was a sign at Forest Hill Railway Station that said “Trains to London Bridge every 10 minutes”!

Looks like they are running today and timetable shows them running on Monday


Bar engineering works, the cuts have been Mon/Fri only. A normal service operates on Saturday and Sunday.


Have to say I am also not convinced that something is simply a ‘reduced’ service if it is in fact no service! :rofl: