Spanish Particular at 118 Forest Hill Road


Great tapas pop up at Norris + Knight on forest hill road thurs-sat evenings. We had pork & black pudding croquetas and octopus with patatas revolconas (panceta, chorizo and brown garlic mashed potatoes)!! For dessert - stewed rhubarb with white chocolate custard and ginger crumb. It was all delicious and would certainly recommend. The 2013 Rioja was also fab :hugs: Go! Whilst it’s there!


That sounds delicious! Keep meaning to visit so might have to get my act in gear and go…!

Also, i cannot resist a dish with octopus!


Tried to call on Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday nobody’s picking up the phone sad


Oh no, I reached them on +44 7513 675594, and they respond to text booking requests too. Fingers crossed!

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