Sports category?

I don’t know where to post this request, but is there a general category or can one be created, where there can be a discussion of the really important issues of the day such as the rugby World Cup, The Ashes, the Rugby Championships etc.

I know this is a local forum, but I know of at least one other local forum where national and international sports are discussed in a category devoted to non local issues.

:information_source: Mod update: we’ve created an opt-in category. Join this group to see sports topics

I bumped this into the “Site Feedback” category, which is probably a good place for this good question.

If there’s sufficient interest, and the @moderators would be happy with it, creating an opt-in group for ‘Sports’ could be hosted like the current geeks category?

I guess the first step is to establish if there is sufficient interest - anyone?

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I’d be up for it…

As long as I don’t have to mod it :grin:

Good idea @topofthehill :+1:

I’ve created a new opt-in category called “Sports Fans” and added you and Nick.

Forum members can join this group to see topics in this category.

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Thank you.

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