Spot the police station

Please - don’t tell me this is going to be an extension to Miriam Lodge.

New Miriam tower apparently 15 storey

I’m selling up and getting outa here!

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Where are they going to put all those 20,000 extra police officers?

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From planning application DC/19/111466:

… construction of a part three/ part four plus basement building to provide 15 one bedroom 15 two bedroom and 3 three bedroom self-contained flats, together with the provision of 3 disabled parking, 52 cycle spaces, associated landscaping and refuse storage.

It looks to have a nice playground too, though I’ve not found any front elevation or render of the proposed building in a quick look over the numerous pages of supporting information.

The application is on behalf of PA Housing and doesn’t look to have been decided, despite being submitted back in May this year.

Permission for demolition of the existing structure was sought in an different application, which was effectively granted in April 2018.


That’s a lot of bicycles!

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Lewisham police station is the largest in Europe, they could squeeze a few in there.

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The strange thing is that this application relates to permission granted under ref: 15/92798 but a search only brings me to this 2019 one.
Anyway, at least it’s not an extension to Miriam Lodge.

DC/15/092798 - granted in 2016.

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Thank you for digging that out for me.
I like it!

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Playgrounds not public access, but given the location that’s probably a good thing.

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Apparently the recent funding for Baxter’s field playground was contingent on this development moving forward. Interesting !

I’m not sure that is correct. When I asked at the Friends of Baxter Field AGM, I was told that it was related to the Tyson Road development. Although I’m not sure that many people in Tyson Road will be regular users of Baxter Field.

I’m not sure I just read it on the baxters field facebook page.