Spotted in SE23


I can’t remember him in it either & I was also a huge fan on Ab Fab :blush:


My daughter really likes Idris Elba too & will be disappointed. Although there was no chance of her being there either as she works in Bromley.


Sorry think I’ve got the wrong programme :wink:


This may have solved a mystery for me – I once sat in the Dartmouth Arms convinced that a bloke a few seats away was Peter Baikie from Absolutely (I’m also a huge fan!) Unfortunately, the way I dealt with this was by staring at him, rather than picking an opportune moment to ask politely. (A friend of mine met him a few years later, at an Absolutely reunion, and said he’s a top bloke.)


I got a box set of Absolutely a few years back - some sketches had aged but many still made me laugh out loud. The Stoneybridge council ones are still funny.

Suspect I might have walked past Gordon in the street although as I am rubbish at faces, that’s not entirely surprising!


Do the Absolutely fans here know they have reformed on Radio 4? It’s true, it is!


My memory is getting patchy.

Jack Docherty (no relation) and Moray Hunter were two of the principal writers for the Absolute series.(1989-93).

I moved her in '91 and now have recall (late) that one or both were resident at that time in Forest Hill. Am I mistaken ?

There are episodes on YouTube - but I am cautious that the nature of the sketches and the anglo-saxon expletives might be too much for sensitive ears on here.


It was Pete, he lived above us in FH. A great neighbour and a true gent. He is the reason I was with Gordon Kennedy, they are mates.


Thanks for confirming. And very belated apologies to Pete for the weird fangirling!


No - that’s excellent news! Will go and take a look


Correct except that he used to live on Honor Oak Park.


I stand corrected :blush:


I thought he had actually lived on Honor Oak Rise, next door to an old friend. But i could be wrong.


Alicia Keys played a gig a while back.


Ha, Ian Wrights Mother In Law used to live a few doors from me on Rockbourne Road.

Lovely lady Ruby is & he used to pop by most Sunday’s on his Harley & have a kick around with the kids, he was a really down to earth guy.


Charlotte Rampling’s son Barnaby lives on Thorpewood Avenue - many live in FH!

Not telling anyone about my customers that just pop by & don’t want to be noticed :+1:


I’ve seen Charlotte Rampling at Sylvan Post, and Josh O’Connor several times in Sainsbury’s (I think he lives locally)



The Hotel was my favourite pub in Forest Hill. Such a shame it closed. I was lead to believe that the bottom floor or part of it was to remain as a bar/pub of some type. Never happened.


Moray Hunter bought our flat in Ewelme Road corner of Devonshire Road. Coronation Street star ken morley used to live in the ground floor flat.