Spring, Roll & Move - board game night at 7pm, 27 Feb at Big Cheeks Thai

Hi all,

We’re launching a board games night at Big Cheeks Thai in Forest Hill. It’s all very informal and we’ll be playing a few different games - they’re all easy to get into and don’t take very long to play. We’d love to have you along.

More information here…



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Would you be amenable to guests bringing their own games along too to widen the selection on the night?


You’re absolutely welcome to bring your own games! We still need to charge the ticket price though to cover costs. Would it be ok for others to join your game if they fancy? What do you have? Hope to see you there…

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Hello all,

If you’re planning to come along this evening, I would encourage you to buy a ticket - space is limited as the restaurant is open and it will help us estimate for catering.


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Think I’ll try to come along next time, my regular board game group meets on Thursday too and we’ve got a big game of Sidereal Confluence planned for tonight…

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Looks like an interesting game!

Last night went very well - we had 11 players in the end and there were games of Ticket to Ride, Pandemic and Catan. Then a few shorter ones towards the end that others had brought - Love Letter and Deep Sea Adventure.

We had some lovely Thai food and we were all done by 10.30. A few left after the main games finished.

We’re going to look to hold the next one during the last week in March but probably not the Thursday this time due to other commitments. I’ll post again when we’ve agreed the day.


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