SpringWatch: Blackbirds

I think that I am starting to notice that there are fewer Blackbirds round my way (Crofton Park) so far this spring. I believe here is a noticeable absence of their cheery song which for me is a vital component of the season. Is this just me or have others noticed anything different ? I don’t think it is too early, given it is Easter next week.

I might add that I have no shortage of green parrots, crows and pigeons. If I am right about the blackbirds, then I am starting to wonder if this is parrot related.

I’ve had more blackbirds than normal this spring. I usually have one pair lodged in my biggest tree, but there are at least two pairs hanging around this year, and the sound of blackbirds in the morning is DEAFENING.

We have fewer parakeets since a nearby roosting site of theirs was cut back, and since my cherry tree very sadly died (curse you, honey fungus!) so there may be something in your observation that the blackbirds have moved, if you have a lot of parakeets. Except that they don’t use the same sorts of nesting sites, and parakeets rarely eat off the ground, and blackbirds mostly do (just by my observation, I’m no expert).

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I’m not sure that any drop in the blackbird population is parakeet related: I’m just by Blythe Hill Fields, which is home to a significant parakeet flock, and just as in previous years, I have a pair of nesting blackbirds in the garden this Spring.

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Its good to hear that you guys have not noticed anything different this year. If any others have any observations then I would very much like to hear.