Squirrels nesting in roof - Pest control recommendations

We have a squirrel nesting in our roof and wondered if anyone has had similar experience and how to resolve it?

Spoken to a few companies already but would rather use a recommendation if anyone has one?

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We had them years ago when we lived near a big park. They did an awful lot of damage chewing their way in and through wires etc. I think we used Rentokill in the end. As a invasive species grey squirrels do have to be euthanised once captured and not rereleased. I do recall being yelled at my some passersby about rentokill removing a caged squirrel and how cruel that was… It’s very important to make sure you block up how they got in otherwise it could happen again.


Brill thanks. Do you remember if you filled the hole or how this bit was done?

I think we had to get roofers in to fill the hole they’d chewed. It was all quite expensive.

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There’s also some prior recommendations here, though they don’t look too specific to squirrels: Rodent Control

If you do find something, please let us know how you got on, and good luck!

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Perhaps they would like to pay for the roof repairs? Squirrels are pests, rats with fluffy tails. They have caused untold damage to our property. There is nothing cute about them. We had birds nesting in the garden, and would watch the squirrels push the eggs out of the nest as they started to break and collect them when they fell to the ground.