St David Coffee House makes "Best 9 Coffee Shops" - Evening Standard


I was int there this afternoon, quite a few people working away. Never understood the attraction myself, I go to coffee shops to get away from work.


If I worked from home all week I’d be inclined to seek some social interaction and a change of venue once in a while as well. I’ve one friend locally who does it often. I guess that challenge for these guys like @StDavid is too ensure some middle ground. I’m really looking forward to seeing the expanded venue, but I have been turned off a couple time because perhaps one too many tables are taken up by people working off laptops.

I still go as my Austin, Texas coffee nazi friend thinks they have one of the best poured coffees in the Western World.

I’m a member at Picturehouse Central and one great benefit is access to this amazing bar/cafe with views looking down Lower Regent Street. Except everytime I’ve dropped all the window seats are taken up by one person with a laptop out and a cold cup of coffee.


That is something that bugs me. Table for 4 people taken over by one person and a laptop meaning that groups will come in and have to leave as there is no seating.


I might hog a table for two with my laptop but would always avoid taking a table for four. The new space in St David has tables for four or more so if it was me and my laptop by ourselves, I’d use the long counter at the back. It might get a bit weird if it gets crowded, though!

The reason I use coffee shops for working is that my home is my other workplace, where I revel in my domestic duties. As a dyed-in-the-wool procrastinator, I can always find something that needs doing other than sitting my butt down and doing some writing. I have to relocate myself somewhere where cleaning the fluff out from behind the toilet doesn’t suddenly seem more appealing than the writing.


Congrats @StDavid - another mention - this time, Londonist:


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I was in the area visiting some nurseries ahead of our move next month. Stopped by for a coffee and cake and I must say the flat white was spot on and the lemon polenta cake was absolutely divine.


@StDavid makes a lovely velvety flat white :thumbsup:


Welcome to our hood.


Saw your comments “next door” in response to Mr ViewHill or whoever. Good work!

Music in St Davids basement

As I was quite early for my train (or late depending o perspective) I popped into St Davids for my morning coffee as an alternative to On the Hoof.

Music. Lovely and definately at the right level. Disconcerting though was the tables of singletons almost all with heads in laptops. No couples. No families. No chit chat. Felt more like that a cafe in the middle of some oh so trendy Hoxton hot desking office. Not so much a community based coffee house. But maybe that is a morning thing.

That said. Coffee sublime. Must buy the beans next time but I doubt I could recreate that Flat White at home.


I’m happy to report the last time I was in meeting a friend for a coffee there were plenty of other people doing the same, and there’s quite a few young families in for lunch most days. But still room for the singletons with their laptops, of which I am occasionally one.