St David Coffee House taken over by Browns of Brockley

St David is a wonderful coffee shop and I wish Sian and her team the best. Also, good luck to Ross.


Great news I love st :heart: David’s I’ve been wondering why they didn’t reopen it’s nice and
Small you can get a little bit of peace it’s lovely
Looking out the window when it’s raining and
Your inside all cosy I hope they keep the name.

I hope they keep the Square Mile Coffee :slight_smile:

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I think they use beans from Round Hill Roastery.

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Something to look forward to then.

You’ll note that where Square Mile coffee is served it is usually ground and made by Arduino Black Eagle machines. In fact their online shop goes as far as to specify the exact model of coffee machine the beans were ‘designed for’. I think that is in part why their coffee is always great, because Square Mile go beyond the bean and roast, but it’s good to try new things too.