Steps on the pedestrian underpass

Any advice on how to get anything done anything about these? Can the Forest Hill society help? I reported last year on FixMyStreet (there was already a report for same issue ) and I think someone eventually did some basic repairs, but the stuff the steps are clad with is peeling off and they don’t seem at all safe.

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This has been an issue for a while

I mentioned my report of it on this thread, but I would guess that from the current condition of the stairs nothing was done


@LeoGibbons Hi Leo is this something a forest hill councillor can help with?

Yep, drop me an email at and I can dig around and see who is responsible for the repairs.


Hi Leo

I have done just now, thank you.

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Hello All, Hello Leo,
not sure how feasible it is in London to have ramps like the ones everywhere in Scandinavian countries that are fixed i. e for pushchairs. Feel sorry for the poor parents and babies in pushchair using the underpass stairs.
Same would be needed on the station stairs - perry vale side- though may be less feasible due to the crowd with each train.
Perhaps an elevator down to street level?
Thank you.


I think it’s this step which is the main danger right now, though many of the steps as you descend on the right are worn, unstable and springy:

According to FixMyStreet, Lewisham previously forwarded reports to Network Rail.


It’s not just people with pushchairs who are adversely affected. It’s just as difficult for those with a full shopping trolley as well as those with mobility issues who find steps difficult or impossible!


It’s a shame this is network rails responsibility as they clearly aren’t very interested in pedestrians and the impact this all has on the local area. Is there any way the council or TFL could take this responsibility over?

I was also hoping the Forest Hill society might be able to help or chime in about what might be possible (even if they have exhausted all avenues!).

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So far we got a reference number.


Hi Candle,

I think a ramp would be far far too steep on those steps. A gradient of 1:20 I think is the max that can be allowed. Slightly steeper, like 1:10 may be acceptable over shorter distances tho. But yep, it isn’t feasible.

A lift would cost a huge amount to install and cost a very large amount of money to maintain and repair. I don’t think a lift would be feasible either.

I’ll do what I can to get these steps repaired, but I don’t think access can be dramatically improved without a huge amount of expense which is unlikely to be taken on by NR, TFL or LBL.


Looks like repairs have been made :heart:


Thanks to everyone concerned in calling it out and getting it done.


It’s a shame they didn’t do the rest… the other steps are very loose and held down with screws, would save them a visit in 6 months. Still it’s much better than it was.


I thought the same. While grateful for this repair, the frugal nature of the work means they’ll likely need to be back again and again.

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I think tweeting Network Rail was possibly the way we got these stairs fixed, although I know Leo may also have made some enquiries too. Someone could ask about the others and if there is a maintenance plan in place (ideally they should be maintaining them before they start falling apart).

They replied to the tweet to say they need a name and contact email - so if you tweet them they need a DM with this, and then you get an reference emailed!

Oh wow! I only noticed the dodgy step when I was carrying my bike up there on Tuesday and now it’s fixed!