Stolen bikes recovered by local police


Good news, bike thieves really P*ss me off.


My mate had his BMW nicked from Wood Vale last week!

Its rife round here. There is an fb page that lists stolen bikes. Its made my hubby rent a garage to store it in.

My upstairs neighbour foolishly locked his bike to the front porch. Apparently, the thieves came back 3 times to try and steal it (with tools) and were disturbed each time. Now its locked away somewhere else out of sight.

Also, saw 2 scrotes last Saturday brazenly riding around the station with an obscured number plate and a pillion with no helmet, but a face mask. Clearly up to no good. Just to show how little the police do about brazen criminality, I was with my (non-met) police officer brother-in-law at the time and he didn’t even chase after them.

Let’s hope more is done about things like this!