Stolen bin shed

I’m sad to say that it seems somebody has stolen our new bin shed from our front garden last night on Shipman Road.

I doubt it would have been of much value to anyone, unless they wanted it for their own bins?!? If anyone happens to see it around or knows anything about it and could let me know that would be great (either here or via private message).

It was this one:

Seriously, what is wrong with people. Who nicks a bin shed? :roll_eyes:


Someone looking for a dog kennel for the extreme hot weather?

Some people are just plain desperate :grin:

In a way, you might be able to find some sympathy for someone who steals something out of desparation, but this is something else. No one needs a bin enclosure. A bin, yes, but not the enclosure. I can’t get my head around trying to understand why someone would steal a bin enclosure. Like @clausy, I just don’t get it.


Yes I totally agree. :blush:

I agree. I was trying to think of a motive, not an excuse.