Stolen carseat

My baby’s car seat was stolen from inside my front garden in Blythe Hill Lane on Sunday at about 4pm. I left it literally for 10 minutes when I popped into my neighbours. Another neighbour saw a 40 year old man of Caribbean appearance walking up to Blythe Hill Fields with an empty car seat around that time. If anyone tries to sell one without the base on this site please alert me! Thanks! It was a Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus.

I wonder if the man thought it had been left out as scrap? I leave anything I want rid of just inside my garden gate and it is usually gone within the hour. There are people who patrol looking for scrap. When we had to drain a radiator and put it outside while we did work, we had to put a big sign on it saying it was NOT for scrap!


Agree with Rachael, I regularly leave stuff outside my house to be taken, its a good way of clearing out stuff without going to recycling centre.

All the same this would be very annoying, very


Yep, we leave stuff out for people to take too and it’s amazing how quickly it goes. Irritating for you though. I presume it’s already been melted down.