Stolen cat [Found]

Dear Forest Hill people,

Our beloved cat was stolen from Rockbourne Road today. He was taken at 13:11 (11th December) by a man (red baseball hat and dark jacket) and woman (wearing a white puffer jacket), strangely the man is carrying a huge toy lion under his arm. We have CCTV footage. They pick up him up and walk up the street with him.

Our cat is very elderly and frail, and doesn’t go far from home these days so will have been very frightened.

Our cat in a medium sized, short haired ginger Tom, no collar (he won’t wear one) but chipped and very much loved.

Please message urgently if you have seen anything.
Thank you
Amy and David

@Amy_Dewar so sorry to hear about this harrowing incident.

I’ve shared your post on our social channels:

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I came across the couple yesterday . The man and the woman was waiting for the bus.

It was at the bus stop on the A205 Stanstead road towards catford next to Jenner practice. It was before 14.00.


Thanks Rishi, that’s really helpful. I guess they didn’t have the cat at this point? Thanks for posting
Amy x

That is horrible, I hope you get him back! It might be helpful to post a couple of pics of your cat so we can keep an eye out for him.

Thank you
Here he is


Amy: what an awful thing. So sorry. Have you shared the CCTV footage with the police? Were the couple on your property or on the pavement? If they came on your proprety I don’t see why you can’t share the footage on here. But the moderators could advise.

Rishi: Did they have the toy lion at the bus stop? If not maybe they were at a children’s party nearby.

That would really narrow down the search as it’s such a tight area to cover. Maybe put up some posters? Or involve any local Neighbourhood Watch groups.

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Just awful. Are you able to share the video footage?

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Even if they’re on the pavement you can share - they’re in a public place.

Personally I would first report this to the police and give them a copy of the footage. It’s possible that the couple are already known to police or have done this before or even again, for example.

If that doesn’t go anywhere, then I would consider sharing the footage or stills in order to further the investigation.


When you say walk up the street…in what direction?..towards Forest Hill…or Catford?..

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Different rules and, importantly for the owner of the camera, different responsibilities apply. Guidance here:

If you want to go public with the imsge, maybe one way to handle it is to put up a poster of an image your cat captured by CCTV that “happens” to include the couple with the cat in their arms. If you use the word “missing” rather than “stolen” it’s up to others to interpret. I think local posters are the way to go, whether or not at this stage you think about including or mentioning the CCTV footage or just a photo of your cat. From what’s been said so far it sounds as if they may have given him to some local child.

Maybe even consider saying “No questions asked for speedy, safe return”?

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They walked towards Forest Hill/ Rojack Road walking from the Stanstead Road end of Rockbourne

Have you spoke to the police? Your CCTV + the bus stop sighting might be enough to get them to check the bus CCTV and swipe logs…

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If that’s the bus stop I think it is TFL has a camera on it.


If they got on the bus their identity is traceable via their Oyster or contactless card.


Thanks everyone, I’ve been to the Police; they have reported it but can’t act as there is no clear face views on CCTV. They have passed to the neighbourhood team, and advised me to go to shops etc for CCTV which I’m doing shortly, as well as posters. The local vets know and I am going to record him as stolen on the cat chip company. Thanks everyone.



I didn’t see the cat. I only saw the people matching the description.

While I was at the intersection behind a few cars waiting for the lights to turn green. The lion toy attracted my attention.

The woman was sitting on the wall next to the bus stop with the toy next to her. I also noticed that the man had a white carry bag.

I am sure that the police can request the recorded images from the bus company.



I am so sorry I can’t help. I’ve said hi to your cat a few times. He’s a lovely old chap, and I hope he gets back to you.