Stray cat...?

Does anyone know this cat? It’s practically moved in and our cats aren’t that happy about it. I don’t think it’s neutered as there is frequently the smell of Wee. Which is probably what is mostly annoying our cats. Also, their dinner keeps disappearing. (S)he is often sheltering under garden bench in bad weather. And is around most evenings. It does feel like (s)he doesn’t have a home.
Codrington Hill, Stillness Road area.

He (I think it’s a he) is also a regular - and hungry! - visitor at our back door (also Codrington Hill). Gets on OK with both our cat & the next door neighbour’s, but like you, I think he’s feral. He certainly gets around a lot: I’ve seen him at the bottom of Gladiator Street/Stillness Road, and right at the end of Codrington Hill by the foot of Blythe Hill Fields.

Might it be this one?

Ah, seeing those side by side probably not.

Aww, no not Otis, sadly.