Street food at the Waldram Crescent site

Anybody else noticed the new offerings from the Waldram Crescent site ?
Anyone tried it out ?
It’s situated where the old Portakabin site was.
Seems like the new occupiers wear many hats there and there’s lots going on ?


Each to their own, but why anybody would want to purchase food from a portakabin in a car park on the South Circular when you can get all the items listed here within 50 metres from D&D Carribean Takeaway (Perry Vale next to Clapton Craft) or the Cafe next door to the Portakabin site (Cafe at No 1) both of which I’ve used and can recommend, is beyond me.

But hey maybe this is what the world has been crying out for - a car wash-second hand car dealer-food emporium… :roll_eyes:


:joy: you forget to mention they are also a storage place for sending barrels abroad too !

And the appropriate licences from Lewisham council ?


:woman_shrugging:t3: I’m sure Lewisham council are just grateful the space is occupied by this varied lot of ‘entrepreneurs’ rather then the previous illegal guests we had there. Choose your battles I suppose.
I will say something though , it’s all a bit unsightly IMO.

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Even if rates & rent are not being paid ?

The previous ‘guests’ were messy, noisy and the thefts in the area went up at that time. I guess even without them having permits (they certainly didn’t apply for change of use permits) they are better neighbours

Are you saying no one pays to use the land @se23blue ?
This was up for £50,000 + per annum.

I guess rent is one thing, but there should be appropriate licencing and ‘business rates’ paid to the council too.

There should then be some expectation/inspection of working conditions and food hygiene for example.

That said these may well have been applied for already…


@ForestHull licensing requires permission and notification of neighbours doesn’t it? We certainly haven’t been told

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