Street tree knocked down

One of the street trees in Dartmouth road has been knocked down. anyone know how can we get it replaced?

which one? how did it happen ?

I am guessing a car? but not sure. Its opposite the swimming pool green space…trunk snapped at the root and tree laying on pavement.

Have you tried Fix My Street?

I reported it on Fix my Street a few days ago, it’s been forwarded on to Lewisham’s trees team for investigation… I don’t expect anything to happen in a hurry.

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I would assume that it is the wrong time of the year to plant trees, may be October.

This is the one, strange place for a car to be…

The next one could probably do with some protection, this one barely lasted a year.


Contact Lewisham Council through
Search ‘trees’ and then follow the link to report a fallen tree.
You’ll have to register on Lewisham’s website to do so.
Best of luck.

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The tree is now removed and a traffic bollard is now in its place. Quick work by Lewisham. Not sure if the tree will be replaced.


I saw this today and it made me sad

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