Structural Engineer?


Does anyone have any recommendations for a structural engineer specialising in subsidence? I’m concerned about some of the cracks in the ceiling/wall both inside and outside of my flat and I’d quite like a professional to tell me whether I’m just being hyper paranoid or if there’s something genuinely to worry about.


Speak to your insurer.

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If it’s a new build block of flats it may just be settlement cracks. I’m a bricklayer.

I’m not a structural engineer, but I can recommend a surveyor who has done surveys for me in the past.

Clive Thompson

I’ve had a few cracks open up in my own flat. It can be worrying but it’s worth remembering that we’re on clay here, and the unusually, continuously hot and dry summer will have had some minor impact on the soil and root formations. Anything under 3-5mm is generally nothing to worry about…