Sugar Mountain Booths For Sale


Hi All

When the shop closes I will be selling my one of a kind, unique booths.

Does anyone know the best place to sell these please?

I don’t think gumtree or ebay would do them justice, and my kids are to old to create an amazing cabin bed as a centre piece for a kids bedroom.

I’m wondering if theres anywhere that would like to buy them for photo shoots or somewhere suitable to auction them off, or even if there’s anyone creative that might be interested.

Up for all suggestion on the best way to sell these






First of all you need a foata!


Thanks Mr I tried to upload one of all 3 but just couldn’t do it :frowning:

@ChrisBeach if you are able to upload a pic of all 3 to my OP I would really appreciate it.



I don’t have a pic I’m afraid - anyone else?


Chris there is a couple of pics of all 3 booths via the link I posted, if you can replace the link with the pics I’d really appreciate it, I am able to use these images :slight_smile:


Done :+1:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Or could someone just buy the whole beautiful shop and keep it open as it is?!


No so sorry, I can’t do that my shop is part of my heart, and IF my next venture takes off locally Sugar Mountain will be part of it & @Anotherjohn wouldn’t want this either I dpnt think.if I can carry it on elsewhere in the area



:sob: my kids love sitting in those booths!


So sorry Jane, all the local kids love them, me too, but they need to have a new home that will look after them and help me get my next venture on the go which I’m sure the kids will love IF I pull it off, and adults too x


I loved squeezing into them and looking at the toys of my yoof.


Yeah, yoof boofs!


Hehehe @Anotherjohn and @Londondrz you two always crack me up :blush::blush:

Now back to me selling the yoof booths, unique booths or one of a kind booths, or just Sugar Mountain booths, does anyone have experience in selling at auctions

I’ve found a couple via google that I think might be right for the booths but I have no experience whatsoever on this so if anyone has experience about selling at auctions I would really appreciate any advice if possible :slight_smile:


Loving the fonicks skills going on! Foata, yoof, boof. It’s grait. Gould luck in gettin a_e good pryce. Thay should doo well.


Cheers bro



Not sure how portable they are, but I wonder if an auction house might be able to help. They will periodically have specialist sales, wonder if this might fit into one one. You could take a photo and email them and ask - might be a waste of time, but you could get lucky.


Ebay will have a wider reach and no issues with having to dismantle.


I’ve never sold anything on ebay, but not having to dismantle myself would be a big plus for me :slight_smile:

If you are selling can you set a certain date when bidding stops then another date for when they have to be removed?

For instance when I put them up could I set a ? day period of bids coming in then say they have to be picked up and dismantled within a week at the end of that period?



Hi, yes you can put any additional conditions in the description. I suspect that it may be difficult to find someone to pay what they are really worth but eBay is probably the easiest option. Perhaps start with a low starting price with a reserve and a make an offer option to invite bids.