Sugar Mountain Booths For Sale


Thank you, I’ll do some pics on Monday and get them on there.



BTW If anyone has experience putting items up for sale on ebay and can give me a hand with this on key words etc I will happily pay handsomely in sweets and Ice Cream.



Example of a recently sold item under eBay search for ‘used booth seating’


Problem with using a reserve price is the additional cost even if the item does not sell.
from Ebay pages
“4% of the reserve price (max. £150 per item), whether or not the item sells.”
Assuming it will be a collection only item you will not have to pay PayPal costs (3.4%). Ebay costs (10%) would be payable if it sells, unless you have an offer of £1 final value fees which is available to selected accounts until 11.59pm Monday 22nd.
If you click on Anotherjohn’s example then on original listings and scroll down you will find other examples of seating available with prices and descriptions.
Hope this helps.


Booths are now up for sale on ebay if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to my new chapter in life

Noone will get rid of me, but I’ll be around until almost the end of Nov, then taking a bit of time out to start work again in the New Year.

I’m so lucky to have the support of @Anotherjohn in my new venture.

Oh and one of us will reveal the new tenant when she is ready to tell all!!

Fruit, veg, and healthy juices sound good to any of you :slight_smile: