Sugar Mountain break in

Looks like Sugar mountain was broken in tonight? Glass of door has been destroyed using a concrete block apparently…

That’s terrible news for Pauline.

Is anyone able to contact @Pauline and make sure she’s aware and things are in hand or if she needs any help with anything?

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Sadly I don’t have her number, @Michael or @Anotherjohn !

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The police were there at about 9.45am when I walked past so hopefully all under control


That’s awful :frowning:

Thanks everyone.

Zoe from Archie Parker called me and I’ve got good ol’ (young) Artur on the case to board it up temporarily.


Sorry to hear that. How senseless to do such a mean thing.

It’s a shame - but it happens from time to time.
Back in the late 80s, when I was living above that shop, it was about 6pm on a summer’s evening and there was an almighty crash, which sounded like a car had gone through the shop. By the time I got out onto the flat roof to see what had happened, there was some bloke running up Derby Hill with a mattress on this back. He’d thrown a full paving slab through the plate glass window in broad daylight to nick a bloody mattress! Seems like nothing has changed.


I hope @Pauline is ok?

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Thanks everyone, I’m just really upset.

Arthur has now boarded it up now.

Police and forensics have been and they may have got some prints from my till & they will be checking the job centre CCTV tomorrow as the breezeblock seems to have came from the building materials at the side steps that have not been finished from the roadworks., the burglars then used a metal pole to prise it open aas its safety glass so wouldn’t break properly.

Some money was stolen from my till & my phone which I forgot to take home with me last night, so thats why noone was able to contact me ;-(


Really sorry to hear that Pauline - never nice to have this happen. Hope you are not too shaken up.

I have a Samsung S5 I could lend you til you get a replacement if that helps? I could drop it off tonight.


I’ll sort out a new phone tomorrow but thank you so much for offering :slight_smile:

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Oh my god you poor thing Pauline, I’m so sorry this happened to you. They picked the wrong person though - if anyone’s going to come up fighting it’s going to be you. I really hope the police make progress and you can get things up and running again soon.


Perhaps it was better you wasn’t there, as in their frenzy they may have attacked you as well. Hope you get everything settled very soon.

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Thanks guys, don’t worry I won’t let it get me down, I’ll be back open as normal on Tuesday!

Tomorrow is my day off anyway so I only had to close today.

So many locals and customers that passed today offered so much help & the police looked after the shop for me so I could go open up the Library as normal.

Local shops wouldn’t let me pay for anything either especially Zoe @TheArchieParker

Customers and locals also helped me clean up the mess.

The support i got from locals definitely made up for the upset I felt today, so Thanks all.


So sad to hear this.
I hope people that rob small buisineses deserve to rot in hell.
It just infuriates me that someone can cause so much expensive damage for what I’m sure wasn’t a lot of money.
I mean really!
just morons.

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Hi Pauline so sorry to hear this, let me know if you need help with anything at all.


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This really sucks Pauline. So sorry to hear it.

I’ve got a load of Canadian sweets I bought back for you. I’ll make sure to drop them in this week.

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Coffee Crisp?

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