Sugar Mountain break in



It’s more than a candy bar… oh oh. It’s a light bright snack… that’s what you are!

No. Tootsie rolls and maple sweets. But I can hook you up when I’m home next in November.


Thank you so much Jason :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed the maple sweets you gave me before & I don’t even have a sweet tooth, YUM looking forward to them xx


Got a decent quote today to rep!ace the safety glass in my shop door at £80.

If anyone knows of anything cheaper please let me know @Anotherjohn do you have contact for the guy’s round the corner as they charged me £50 before, but I’ve lost their number.

Either way I will get the glass repaired by the weekend as it’s a complete eyesore.


Pauline, happy to .Life fund this for you. You looked after my Charlotte, I look after you :grin:


No @Londondrz - I’ll do it. But thank you so much for offering to help.

I’ve just been out of the loop today (kayaking at Camber Sands)


Will fight you for it :grin: You are a nice man and a great landlord.


That sounds cool. What’s that?


I’ve had one or two black eyes in my time - but not for helping someone.
Seriously though, I’ll have it sorted tomorrow.
Thanks again.


Can all of you stop being so nice, you have just made me cry again :slight_smile:

Thanks boss @Anotherjohn @Londondrz @starman and everyone else, I will look into it tomorrow and get it fixed by the weekend.

But massive thanks to you all anyway & xxx too TY


Have to say I am glad I didn’t hear it as I would have run down in my jammies and confronted them & the metal pole was pretty leathal they left behind :slight_smile:


You’d have scared the bejeeziz out of them, @Pauline!


Haha, I would have had a go


Gd night hope all is well and the police managed to see video and catch them


Massive thanks to @anotherjohn he came first thing this morning, measured up, went off and got the perfect size of safety glass, came back and fitted it.

Boss you are wicked as it’s not even your responsibility to do this, it’s the tenants responsible.

Don’t care if you tell me not to praise you, cause I sure am!

I’ll arm wrestle you if you disagree with me that you are ace xxx

Seriously, thank you so much for being you & you should have let me pay for the glass at least but you didn’t :slight_smile:


A sense of perspective on this (@Pauline!).
My job is being a landlord, I manage property, sometimes people too (@Pauline!), and some A-holes broke a little window and I fixed it (thankfully, no one was hurt and there was minimal loss or disturbance).
Most people do much harder and more-worthwhile jobs than I do - with no praise or recognition.
Many people also do charitable work or help-out in their local communities (@Pauline!) for no personal gain - and they don’t expect any thanks.
End of!


There are landlords, and then there are decent landlords. You fit very well into the second category.

Good work @Anotherjohn


Its all true, the things they say about @Anotherjohn - he was honest and upfront with me the first time I ever spoke to him, several months before I took my first shop in Forest Hill, and has been nothing but a damned fine bloke ever since, warm and generous. And then, when you think all that is already more than enough, you try putting him in front of a karaoke machine and the man turns into a legend.


You lunatic!


No one can do Tom Jones like @Anotherjohn on the karaoke: :slight_smile:

He even done it for me to raise money for The Evelina Kids Hospital a few years ago & he went down a storm!

Simon he’s gonna kill us for this, but he “Can Leave His Hat On”

Sorry Mr, but you are ace :slight_smile:


Leave the poor guy alone you two! :smile: