Sugar Mountain break in



Will have to pop by soon and stock up on sherbert lemons. Hope business hasn’t been affected!


Woohoo, just picked up an email from our lovely local police to say they have got a match on a set of fingerprints, Y EAH!


Excellent! Hope they catch the crim - shouldn’t be hard now.


Where do we put the stocks?


Looks like 2 peeps have been caught for breaking into my shop!

Got this letter today :slight_smile:


Superb news Pauline. Are the stocks and rotten tomatoes ready?


Pauline - you should probably blank-out the names


Ah I never thought about that, thanks Mr xx

@ChrisBeach or @Londondrz can you block the names for me please, not sure how to do it in pics xx




Thanks Chris x

I am tempted to attend the sentence at Woolwich Crown Court mentioned, public are allowed to sit in the gallery and I would like to see what is said & the reasons given for doing this by the person in custody


Have you been invited to give a victim statement in Court?




I would like to though


Can I request this?



I would think very carefully about going to court and facing these people if there’s no need for you to be there in person.
This was a opportunistic random smash-and-grab and it was very unlikely that they never gave a thought about a victim.
But, by going to court, there’s the risk that you might set yourself up a sitting target for some sort of revenge because, don’t forget, you’re dealing with people of a peculiar mentality - especially if they’re using drugs.
The damage was superficial, you lost a few coppers out of your till and you’ve suffered some emotional stress but, thankfully, that’s it.
Hopefully, the police have got this sewn-up anyway, so consider what you’re likely to achieve from going to court v’s the negative energy and worry that it could cause you.
There could even be a horrible confrontation between you and them or one of their friends or family outside the court.
I want justice to be served down to these people but I also don’t see any point in you setting yourself up to suffer any more than you have.


What a sad state of affairs that we, the law abiding citizens, are warned to be scared of seeing justice being done incase of reprisal or confrontation by the criminal minority.


I can read this two ways, so, to be clear, are you digging me out or just making a general comment?


Apologies @Anotherjohn, it’s a comment on society, not your noteworthy point; even if it is ominous advice, it raises valid points for the discussion.

Sorry again.


No worries - and thank you for getting that straight.

I genuinely felt uncomfortable when I was making that point because it goes against what’s fair and right.

I also realise that I may have been totally wrong; and the robber coming face-to-face with his victim in court might make him feel remorseful and apologetic.

But knowing that Pauline is alone in the shop for most of the time I just thought it would be best to keep things at arms length and let the police do the business in court.


I’m glad we sorted that out, and more good points for the thread.

I would advise @Pauline to take a friend if she does decide to visit court in any way. It might be quite emotional to see the robbers, whatever their outlook or disposition may be.

Having been burgled many many times when I lived in the North, I know too well the strong feelings it creates. (Getting a dog eventually was the best deterrent, but I guess that doesn’t work so well for commercial properties in London!)