Sugar Mountain break in



Thank you for your words of wisdom Mr, I’ve listened xxI need to go for my own frame of mind to see these idiots come to justice.

I was so upset so I need them idiots to feel that way too, thats if they have feelings.



No friend on this, this is something I have to do on my own :slight_smile:


Three members of a gang who stole cash from me on a bus were caught on CCTV in the act.

The British Transport Police told me they were not going to ask me to go to Court to give evidence as the danger was that I would have a brick thrown through my window or worse.


After speaking to @Anotherjohn today I won’t go to court.

I’m so cross I can’t face them, but in this day and age it wouldn’t just be me at risk.

If it was only me I would be there in a heartbeat.

But I have to think about putting my kids at risk firstly, then also my neighbours both at home and at the shop…

I hate having to think this way, but I have to make sure others are safe & I don’t put them at risk.

I’m truly gutted and angry I have had to back down, but it’s the right thing to do to keep all safe .


My mum got mugged many many years ago. They got the toe rags & she was awarded compensation. She was a very nervous woman anyway & in her mid-60s, but she wouldn’t go near the court because of reprisals. She didn’t care about the compensation, which was just as well as she only got one payment anyway. I know you are angry, & rightly so, but I think you are showing dignity in not going as the low life are not worth your presence.


Just to let everyone know I got another letter today to say the second person mentioned in the letter I posted previously has now received a 2 year sentence for breaking into my shop :+1::+1:


Actually banged up or a ‘suspended’ sentence?


Yes, banged up as it said he is in custody :+1::+1: