Sugar Mountain



Can’t believe we didn’t start this topic sooner, but here’s a big shout out for Sugar Mountain - Forest Hill’s sweet shop and de-facto community hub, run by @Pauline, at 57A Dartmouth Road.


Not only does she serve a wide selection of sweets and ice cream, and organise and participate in practically every community activity in Forest Hill, but @Pauline also kindly verifies profiles of local residents (137+ so far) to help build trust into this forum. To get verified, simply pop into her shop and let her know your username.

And try an extreme sour sweet:

What’s your favourite purchase at Sugar Mountain?


The ice cream is dreamy :heart:


I do love a nice bon bon (strawberry being a particular favourite) from Sugar Mountain…


Peanut Brittle, although its my teeth which are brittle these days!


We’re regulars for a quarter of bon bons. I like the toffees.


Thanks so much everyone, you’ve only gone & brought a tear to my eye now - I really don’t do anymore than the next person, it’s just noticed more because I’m on the High Street :slight_smile:

Credit to @JohnRussell for the second pic in the OP.


I feel so humbled by this post, thank you all.

Off to my kipper for opening the library bright and breezy tomorrow.

People like @Michael & our library volunteers deserve so much more recognition than me. :slight_smile: