Summary emails on hold [now available via opt in]

I’m sure everyone’s excited to hear more GDPR-related news… so I’ll keep it brief: sends out summary emails to all members automatically. Under the new GDPR regulations this is no longer allowed as a default, and instead, users must give their explicit consent.

So for now, summary emails are switched off altogether, which is a pity.

We’ll offer a way to opt back in to these mails soon.

Oh, that’s interesting. I opted out of those emails prettty promptly and had forgotten they existed. Do you find they direct much traffic back to the site? I guess they also have value in terms of generally maintaining profile and engagement. Hope you find a solution soon.

I wish I could answer that but I also shut down Google Analytics on the basis of GDPR too… :sweat:

Having said that, Google Analytics probably wouldn’t have given accurate info in any case as the links in summary emails didn’t include any distinct tracking info.

What is a summary email?

What’s the gdpr please

Summary emails were sent automatically by the site to members every week, and included excerpts from the most popular topics and posts, with a link back to the forum to read more.

They were configurable in your user preferences.

Whilst I agree with the spirit of the law, the implementation is problematic - especially for non-profit websites and small enterprises - because the law is ambiguously defined and the penalties for non-compliance are draconian.

We have more detailed discussion on GDPR in our opt-in @Geeks section.

As an infrequent visitor to this site I actually liked the summary e-mails! Not sure I got one weekly though - perhaps once a month?

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Good news: You can now opt back in: How to receive regular email summaries of interesting topics on