Sunday Funday

So, today, @Liz_Hall and I are digging deep to find our creative sides and making some wedding stationery with watercolour and gold leaf.

What’s everyone else up to today?


Trying very hard to avoid moving the ton of soil in my garden.

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Unblocking the storm drains along the road outside our house - followed by a long shower!

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Doing an emergency pharmacy run to get gauze and surgical tape for the Irish lodger who has broken her toe kicking the furniture.

As always I had a Sunday Funday at work :slight_smile:

And YAY it’s my day off tomorrow!

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Chilling out with the deer in Richmond Park

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Currently enjoying the best bit of a Sunday:

The Gantry, Brockley

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Come rain, shine, warmth or cold a fire and meat makes me a happy boy.