Sunderland Road Resurfacing - April 8th to 10th 2019

Gd mng all just to tell you there is no parking on Sunderland road today or tomorrow due to resurfacing work and they started

Also no parking/tow zone on Wednesday, or at least that’s how I am interpreting the signs that have been posted up and down the street.

Rather than start a new post, I updated the title, changed the category and added a tag to make it searchable etc. Hope that’s okay? I can change it back if not…

Anyway, I did notice as I was leaving for work around 6.40 this morning there were still an awful lot of cars parked on Sunderland Road… they are supposed to be gone from 08.00… wonder how agressive they’ll be with towing cars away?

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Was the road surface that bad?

I didn’t think so but I suspect this has got more to do with trying to spend money at the end of the financial year. Thus why lots of little projects/road fixings happening all around London at the moment.

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