Sunderland Road Rubbish Dump

Everyday I walk past the corner of Waldram park road and Sunderland road and look at the two fly tipping eyesores on either side of the road. Whilst some of this is regular fly tipping unfortunately a lot of this appears to be those living locally and nearby.

So to those people I’ve witnessed doing it over the last few years or those that see it and say nothing.

  1. This is not the place to dump your rubbish because your bin has become filled up and you don’t want your front garden to look messy.

  2. This is not a place you dump your rubbish 5 days before bulk collection is due by the council.

  3. This is not a place you dump your house renovation waste.

  4. This is not a place you dump that decrepit furniture nobody wants with a polite notice saying take me.

  5. Moan over have a nice day :slight_smile:


As a local resident I totally agree with your sentiments. However with the council tip having been closed weeks ago it can’t help the situation!

True however this isn’t really a direct result of those closures and as of today it’s general household waste/recycling which is still being collected.


I went out yesterday afternoon and there was no sign of anything dumped on the corner of Sunderland Road so seems like somebody had already reported it on Fix my Street and it had been cleared, Unless somebody had booked a private clearance to take place!

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Whoop :raised_hands:t3: although there’s still the white plastic garden chairs on the other side of the road…

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