Survey: A-Level student doing an investigation on gentrification and immigration


Nothing seems to happen when I submit a completed survey! Should there be a notification when a completed survey is submitted?

That’s simple enough - done! I’d be interested if you could share any results?

And good luck with your studies :slight_smile:

@ForestHull Did you get a response of any kind when you submitted the survey? I couldn’t tell if mine had submitted or not!

Yes, just a generic thank you thing appeared at the bottom…

Thanks @ForestHull - there was obviously something wrong with mine then as I didn’t get a thank you! I’ll have to go back over it and see what I missed and try again.

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Thank you all for your submissions, this will greatly help my coursework and hopefully help me get my A. I cant share the responses but interestingly alot of answers are very similar. Thank you again, and have a great day.

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