Swimming lessons

Does anyone have any ideas of where I can take my 4yo daughter for swimming lessons?

She did the water babies course at Forest Hill and we were getting towards the end however with the pool closure and Covid we had to take a break.

She is very close to swimming, us having done a lot over the summer but we are keen to find somewhere that does weekly lessons on the weekend or some sort of intensive course.

I’ve heard that there is a waiting list for the waiting list for St Dunstans, so that’s not an option, so any ideas for FH / Sydenham or further afield much appreciated. We have a car so no issues with travelling.

I’d recommend checking out Aquatots. Full disclosure, I’m not a parent but I know the directors and teacher trainer and wouldn’t hesitate to vouch for their extremely high standards. Classes in Catford, Lewisham and Peckham (and elsewhere – use the locator on their site to find a pool that suits you). Hope that’s helpful!

The National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace is another option. Plenty of options for ages 4+.

Isn’t the pool there very deep though?
I’m an adult seeking 1-2-1 swimming lessons and I didn’t think they taught beginners there because there is no shallow end one can stand in.

I’m pretty sure the pool at Crystal Palace is also out of action for the foreseeable future:


There are two learner pools at Crystal Palace and my 4 year old can stand up in both of them. The Olympic pool might be a different story (although it doesn’t have any water in it at the moment and seems to be out of commission!).

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…and he had a lesson there yesterday so definitely open (the learner pools that is).

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Ah! I had no idea they had learner pools!
Probably too shallow for me to learn in!