Sydenham Hill Closure

Does anyone know why Sydenham Hill is still closed? despite signage no gas work at all going on there but lots of traffic diverting to Dartmouth Road. Has someone forgot to remove the diversion signs?

The buses are still on diversion as well.

The road is still blocked by the roundabout, and the road has been dug up- no sign of work in a while, though! Was supposed to end early this month, but who knows. It’s like Kirkdale’s never ending water works at the end of Mount Ash- there’s always some kind of issue, but they never seem to work o. It after setting up the site.

Apart from the annoying diversions (and the Dartmouth Road traffic), it’s actually been quite nice to not nearly be run over by people speeding down that part of Kirkdale for once. Even having a pram and using the crossing doesn’t always help…

The air has been noticably cleaner too.

There have been vans and workmen there most mornings as I’ve driven passed it on my way into work this week. But I’ve never stopped to see what they’re actually doing!

It has made a pleasant change being able to turn right toward Crystal Palace without having to contend with the folk who are so desperate to get across the roundabout and down towards the south circ that they block the roundabout! Kind of make up for the nightmare that is crossing the south circ! Honor Oak road junction has been a nightmare of late.

It’s a long time to be without public transport serving upper Kirkdale. It’s a long climb up the hill for the less able.

Signage at the works at the top of the hill suggest gas works. But the water leak at the junction with Mount Ash Road wasn’t properly fixed. I suspect it’s another underground stream finding an easy route to the surface.

In which case, I stand corrected! Tiny baby means that I don’t get out of the house too early, so maybe they do most of their work before late morning/afternoon!

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