Sydenham Hill Woods - incident?

Anyone know what’s going on at Sydenham Hill Woods? There were police cars and ambulances and a helicopter outside Cox’s walk, and an incident response unit.

Don’t have any info myself but someone posted a similar question on Twitter.

Best case scenario is probably another illegal party like New Year that they are investigating.

Unfortunately, it’s more likely to be a body that an early morning walker has found. I hope that’s not the case but suicide has been the sad outcome in previous similar events. If so, thoughts are with all those affected.

Unfortunately your second guess is correct. A body was found by a dog walker early this morning. Looked like an attempted suicide but apparently they are still alive, air ambulance landed a short while ago and left pretty quickly. Awful thing to have happened.

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Thanks for confirming. So sad that anyone feels it’s their only option; I hope they do recover and get the help they need.

Thoughts are also with the dog-walker; that must have been a hell of shock.


Thats so sad.
My other half saw the air ambulance this morning parked in Horniman triangle.
I assumed it must have been a bike accident or something.
I hope the poor soul recovers and finds peace and happiness moving forward.
dreadful shock for the dog walker-I hope they’re ok