Sydenham incident?

Hope all is ok in Sydenham? Saw multiple police cars and ambulances heading towards Sydenham just after 1pm today 24/7

The police helicopter had been up around Brockley Rise, Honor Oak Park and Forest Hill for well over half an hour and then I saw police getting ready with a stinger at the Kirkdale Road end of Dartmouth Road.

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This may be part of an on-going police investigation. I suggest the thread is closed.


That’s below the belt Michael.

But is all just for laughs @Anotherjohn I am sure he meant no malice.

Sure - I know it was light-hearted.
I was going to say, “Oi, cheeky!”, which would have shown that I knew he was only playing but it was too close to being repetitive of another thread.
Anyway, I hope to see you at the next meet-up.


Thanks for the update John

I saw two helicopters in the sky and a police car with flashing lights went up my road when I was cutting the front grass.

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Saw plain clothes police (3 of them) arresting a man quite forcefully, but looked like it was needed around 12noon today on Stanstead Road near the Jenner Health Centre as I was on my way to Uni, don’t know if it was related or not but I noticed police helicopters circling around at the same time.


MyLondon have picked up on this and made a non-story, though assembled the best tweets and media on one page:

MyLondon have contacted the Metropolitan Police for more information.

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