Sydenham Mural - planning

Continuing the discussion from Forest Hill Mural Crowdfunder:

Notes from last night’s meeting at The Dolphin:

Great to meet you in person @JonF, @Tersie, @anon51837532, @annabel and @pattrembath!

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Call for artist submissions:

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Be interesting to see something a little different on such a different site.
Look forward to seeing what is proposed.

The first mock-up is a cracker IMO:

I like how it includes the postcode (an idea by @Tersie)


Loving that, POW !!

That is absolutely stunning. Is the orange a nod to the Overground?

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Good question. Maybe pose it to the artist over on*

*unsubtle nudge


If anyone would like to take part in the Sydenham Mural project, or are just curious to see how it’s going:

Sad to see the mock up posted above didn’t make their shortlist. I’m beyond thrilled with how our mural turned out and really hope the Sydenham mural team grasp the opportunity think a little outside the box.

Unfortunately the mock up was never submitted as a full design, although was requested otherwise am sure it would have made the shortlist as v good feedback received.


That was my submission - NGSSIGNWRITING

Best Nick

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That one was my first draft. Happy to move this fwd. NGSSIGNWRITING Sydenham

Hi Nick, it’s a great piece! If you join the conversation on, the lady who proposed reigniting the Sydenham mural project will see your reply: