Sydenham School vs St Dunstan’s


I am new to the forum so not sure this is the right place to post. My daughter received an offer from St Dustans and will probably get her first state choice which is Sydenham School. I would appreciate opinions from parents with children at both schools.

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We were very very impressed with Sydenham and my daughter loved it.

Thank you.

Is your daughter still there? What is behaviour like? And is teaching good? Any more information will be grately appreciated. Do they have good opportunities in terms of sports, arts, etc? I saw they have a very short lunch break, Is there enough time to have lunch if you do a midday club.

Daughter is no longer there, we moved out of London last year. The school is new obviously but well maintained, clean and great facilities. We were impressed with the head, she seemed to have the ability to remember the girls names despite it being a large school. Behavior on the whole was good, there are a few issues ( given the size of school there are bound to be) but that said there was very clear communication with the one issue we had and the school acted very quickly and clearly, something that seems lacking these days. Lots of clubs, daughter was very unsporty in primary but really took off at Sydenham. Lots of time for meals and, shock horror, she actually liked most of them. As for teaching, having been very average at primary she really started to do well at Sydenham, lots of homework but we were prepared for that. We had a good choice of schools to go for having been offered Prendegast and Kingsdale. We, but most importantly she, was happy with the choice.


Thank you very much. This is very helpful.

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