Tagging topics

Our little sister, SE26.life, is rocking some new and hip features that we might like to try out here.

In particular - “tags,” which, alongside categories, help organise similar topics together.

A “tag” is a word or short phrase that can be added to help describe a topic. For example, a topic about a new shop could be given the tag “announcement.”

Here are some examples of how tags can be handy:

“announcement” tag.

If you’d like to be notified when people announce new high street developments or key local events you can set “watching first post” on the “announcement” tag:

“how-to” tag

This tag helps you find all the helpful guides we’ve written on using our forum:

“recommendation” tag

The “recommendation” tag page will show all topics recommending local services, shops and restaurants.

What do you think?

Let us know if you’d like us to bring tagging to SE23.life.

We’d keep things simple for members to begin with - only mods would apply and create tags.

  • :thumbsup: Tags sounds great
  • :thumbsdown: It’s a no from me
  • :expressionless: Don’t mind either way
  • :thinking: Other (please comment)

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Another tag idea: “free”, to be added to free events and items offered freely.

You’ll be able to subscribe, so you’ll be the first to hear.


I’ve turned on tagging in a low-impact way. Feedback and tag suggestions much appreciated.

I see a tag has been added to a topic I started last July. No issue with that though it is a minor annoyance to get a notification that Chris has edited my post.

Ah, noted, thanks.

If I do any more historical tagging I’ll do it using the system user - that way it shouldn’t cause notifications

I’ve just added a tag: #humour

Only trust-level-4 members can tag topics at the moment.

Whilst other trust levels are granted automatically by the software, promotion to TL4 is done manually by the team. It grants quite a few extra privileges

The mod team might promote some more people to TL4 - just discussing this now…

Please don’t let me or anybody else edit posts (other than moderators).

I’ll just have to start new topics and if you think they are humorous you can tag them, if not I’ll be gutted.

The other option is allowing all TL3 members to add tags - but that might lead to tags being used incorrectly?

I don’t think tags are very useful. I prefer categories. Categories can be muted, i don’t think topics can.

Tags are useful where a tag might span multiple catgeories (like #election-2017 for example, which covered topics inside and outside #politicos:general-politics).

You can mute tags. Click on a tag to get to the tag page, then click to choose a notification level:

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I’d like to promote people to trust-level-4 but hear what you’re saying about the edit-all-posts privilege. I’ve raised this with the developers: