[taken] Clothes racks/rails offered for free

I have two clothes rails offered for free. One from IKEA and one from John Lewis.

Great condition. Sturdy. I’m happy to hand them over assembled or disassembled.

Hi there! Could I ask what the dimensions are please? Thank you!


I’m going to do a copypasta from the websites:

Width: 111 cm
Depth: 51 cm
Min. height: 126 cm
Max. height: 175 cm
Max. load: 35 kg

John Lewis
Dimensions: H157 x W122 x D50cm

Or you can pop around and take a gander.

If @Polly_Martin doesn’t want the IKEA one I would be interested.

Sold to the lady with the beagle! @Clair

Let me see if I can DM you with my address…

Edit: I can’t seem to DM you. How can I? I presume I need to be verified?

@Clair is already verified so if she DM’s you first then you’ll be able to respond.

I just replied by what might be a DM ???

Hello @ChrisR how can I get verified ? I’ve tried before but the fates conspired. A few years ago I had an account and went to a cafe on Brockley Rise and performed the correct handshake but then I never got verified. Just dug out this email from you (I think it’s from you) a while back:

Hi xxx,

Apologies but I haven’t yet heard back from the owner of No41 after I emailed him.

Seems they may not be committed to verifying profiles anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience. I may need to look for another local venue to do this.

There is always Sugar Mountain on Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill. The owner, Pauline, is still actively verifying profiles.


Ah yes sorry I somehow didn’t see the hyperlink! Would love the ikea one please! Gonna guess it’s manageable to carry back to Dartmouth Road? Thanks so much!

*edit- I misread- the John Lewis one would be perfect, whichever one is free. Thank you!

Whether this reply comes via se23 life I’m not sure, just replying to it just incase.
But also did message button on your contact so you may of got that too.

Whoops, my mistake; the JL one won’t fit so never mind. Thanks so much anyway though!

Sorry @Polly_Martin

I wish I had two IKEA ones to give away now!

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Hi Matt,
I suspect the email you had was from the previous owner of SE23.life who is no longer involved with the site as I’ve only been on the mod team since earlier in the year! Leave it with me and I’ll get back to you. Did you get a DM from @Clair?


Hi Clair. To DM @mob click on either the picture at the start of one of his posts or his user name to the right of that and then select the green ‘message’ option from the pop up. Add your message and then click on the green ‘message’ area at the bottom.


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Thank you Chris, It goes via SE23 life email address I think. But we’ve message both ways.

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Hi there. If either rails are still available (looks like from above JL one might be) please let me know as we are :crossed_fingers:t2: about to exchange and complete on a property without any built in wardrobes and we have them in the property we are selling. They would come in super handy and happy to give away once we are done with them :relaxed:

Hello @Pea. Yes, the John Lewis one is still available and yours to take. Send me a DM and I can give you my address.