[TAKEN] Free breadmaker

This is a nearly new Morphy Fastbake breadmaker I got for Christmas two years ago. I’ve probably made ten loaves in it and have been happy with the results, but have moved on to making bread by hand as I prefer hanging out in the kitchen. If you’d like it, I would need to have it collected during the day on 30 December from Lowther Hill in Honor Oak. Fully operational. Hoping it goes to a good home

I’d be interested in taking this. We Chez Meadow love home made bread but sadly working hours just don’t allow. Will it cope with cheese, marmite or various other assorted ingredients being thrown in?

I’ve got the original booklet which suggests it can make malt loaf and cake, so I’d say yes, but worth googling it. If you’d like to take it please DM me with a pick up time and I will give you the address. I’ll give you the booklet with the machine.

Picked up now. Such a shame that you were unavailable for a brief chat but your partner seems like a pleasant guy. Thank you so much.

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Sorry I was on a work call! Glad it’s gone to a good home :blush: