Taken. Manual lawnmower



Weve upgraded to an electric. This is still in working order and a need of a new home. Must collect though from Sunderland Road. Manual included.

Respond here or in PM


@Michael @Simon @JohnRussell Could we use this for the library garden when we start redoing it and/or the garden @leafandgroove :slight_smile:


I’d love it to go there Pauline. We’ll wait for a positive response from someone over the weekend, then it’ll probably go to the charity curb.


Thanks Jason, I’m pretty sure we’ll need one for the library garden when we start the work on it :slight_smile:


Hey Jason, I’ve just spoke to Bruce (v22) & we will need a lawnmower for the library garden, so can we have it please :slight_smile:

I’ll send an email today to see who can pick it up & DM you later xx


Fantastic. I’ll wait to hear from you. So glad it can be put to good use.