TAKEN: Two Apple 23-inch Cinema HD Display for sale – £50 each

Two 23" Apple Cinema displays for sale, circa 2010: both still working perfectly. All cables in good nick and both include their respective power unit.

Pick up from SE23.

Hi, What are the model and serials numbers please?

Hi @teadrinker, thanks for the enquiry, I’m going to DM you the details.

Hi - I would be interested in one, if still available?

Yes, Leon, they’re still available.

Mac, would they work with a Mac Book Pro? Ta

Hi @LEON, which MacBook Pro model do you have?

It’s the wife’s - 15inch early 2011 … means nothing to me :neutral_face:

Right, got you. In which case you just need a Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter, as shown here

I may have a spare of those if anyone needs one - let me know if you need me to rummage through the cable cupboard.


Hi Mac - we’ll take one if still available. Can pick up tomorrow if convenient?

Sure thing, Leon. Will DM you details.

Hi Clausy - do you have one of the cables? Thanks

Is this the one? If so, yes

Thanks Clausy, but actually discovered I had one, so he’s all sorted.


Thanks both

Hi do you still have one available? Will take it please, if so!

Hi there, sorry for the late reply. Yes, one is still available.

Thanks, I’ll take it - I’ll DM you

At least, I would - if I could figure out how to